Sicilian mafia does not knock.

A lavoro ogni volta che mi chiedono di dove sono dico Italiano, poi mi chiedono di quale parte sono, gli dico Siciliano. E li scatta il battutone sulla mafia, etc etc.

La mia politica e’ di scherzarci su’. Come poco fa in una chat tra i miei colleghi B. e I.:

[10:50:57] Angelo:
if { (not([HTTP::method] equals “GET”)) or
(not([HTTP::method] equals “POST”)) or
(not([HTTP::method] equals “HEAD”)) } {
HTTP::respond 502 content “<html>Invalid request</html>”
[10:51:19] … i remember that when you put an iRule on the F5’s webif it will
say you if the syntax is correct or not
[10:52:17] … we can use matches_regex to match ^\.*
[10:52:33] … WEB-INF is already catch by tomcat
[10:53:15] … toc toc, is there anyone?

[10:53:33] B: toc ?

[10:53:43] I: table of contents?
[10:53:56] … knock knock i think you mean 😉

[10:53:59] Angelo: ops sorry

[10:54:06] I: toc toc must be the Sicialian version 😉

[10:54:13] Angelo: no, it’s the italian one
[10:54:35] … dont be racist!
[10:54:37] … ahaha

[10:54:45] B: … sicilian mafia does not knock…

[10:54:55] I: hahaha, yes thats probably true 😉

[10:55:04] Angelo: yeah, someone is already INSIDE
[10:55:22] … they dont need to knock

[10:55:23] I: gangsters

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