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biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex

TREATMENT: Every strange child(ren) in place of my real children, disappear by fire, in Jesus name. TREATMENT: Every power assigned to make a mockery of my life, die, in Jesus name. Biblical dream dictionary is the arrangement and interpretation of dreams from A – Z.  Evangelist Joshua’s biblical dream dictionary  will explain the key dream activities that we often encounter during sleep. -AWARD DREAM, An award is an official payment for a price or a compensation offered to someone. This dream might be foretelling you a future wealth and abundance. If care is not taken, you may not last in the earth. That’s why you need to be good people at all times. Having this dream is a clear sign that you need to remove toxic people from your life, or tell them how you are feeling. If you were given a toy animal by your ex – boyfriend in a dream, such a dream might indicate the need for being nurtured in a relationship. General symptoms are untimely death, marital disappointment, struggles, demotion, curses etc. Spiritual arrest is the total arrest of your God’s blessings in your life by the devil. As a married woman, you should be dreaming about your lovely husband and not your former boyfriend. Matt 4:4, Ezekiel 36:25-27, – COCONUT DREAM, If you dream of a coconut, it is a sign that you have a hidden potential of greatness. Similarly, if your wedding gown is stained with anything, it means disappointments and failure at the edge of breakthrough. Job . Failure to pray it out, it may seriously affects anyone in the family and guess what? There may also be a possibility that you feel you are largely guilty of separation. I release myself from the spirit of fornication and anger, in the name of Jesus. – KISSING DREAM, If you kiss a person in the dream, you are in serious trouble. However, it portends a bad dream when you are not even married or married with no children. Pray for God to visit you concerning your situation. Football dream is a symbol of fruitfulness. When comparing your present lover to your ex, neither one is clearly superior to the other in terms of love and caring. – SEXUAL DREAM, If you sex a person in the dream, it means loss. It could mean from a spiritual perspective that you are destined to be with your ex. Please call: +2348099828623. Their ex (even though they wouldn’t want to get back with them) represents the word “relationship” to them. Dreams About Money – Meaning and Interpretation. TREATMENT: I shall arise and shine for the glory of God has risen upon me in Jesus name. This is a negative and warning sign to the dreamer, for the occurrence of lamentation. This means marital setbacks or problem. Unfortunately when such child grows up, it may have serious challenges in fulfilling his or her destiny. – DOVE DREAM, Dove signifies Holy Spirit (Luke 3:22). But if you dream that you were picking udara or receiving this fruit from a strange person in the dream, means you have received the gift of affliction and unfruitfulness. This is a dream of moving but crawling along the surface. Every curse of anger affecting me, loose by fire, in the name of Jesus. For example, a kitchen might represent the heart of a problem or a place of spiritual preparation. Father, let the power of my ex over my life, loose your power over me, in the name of Jesus. If your present lover does not have a  good character like your ex, it will force you to accept the love from your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. If you see lizard in your dream it means that there is an person that is planning to pay you unscheduled visit. If you dream that your house, shop, caught fire, it means you will experience sudden loss and destruction. Reject it now before it causes another calamity! You might be intimidated to talk to them because you are afraid of what they might say. As a man, the moment you releases your sperm, you have present your glory to the marine spirit to keep in their banks. – ODOUR DREAM, If you perceive good odour in the dream, it means good news or things about to locate you. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people have asked me about dreams of trading in their current wife for a new model. When you woke up from this dream and you keep worrying yourself about it, it shows that they have invaded the heart of your emotion. If you are single and you dream of an ex-boyfriend it can suggest your subconscious mind is worried about being alone. Below are the possible meanings of dreaming about an ex-husband and how they might relate to your life currently. In a clear term, celebrating dream is a dream of thanksgiving and joy. Sickness is a great hinderance to relationship stability. A woman that always see people watching her nakedness in the dream, she stop relaying some private talks to people . If you are trying to call your old friend before this dream occur, it show a sense of love and care. A dead mother may also reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by bad luck. Depending on the nature of the dream. Dreams And Their Meaning/Interpretation. To dream that your ex has died suggests that the emotions you had for your ex are finally over. However, it would appear at the moment that who God has appointed to be your partner have more of a potential to change your marital taste. Dreaming about an ex-partner is an extremely common dream. Treatment: Eph 4:32, Heb 10:24, Jer 29;11-14, Phil 4:6-7. Sex has a way of bringing back a man and a woman that has parted their separated ways. READ: Rev 12:11, Phil 4:6-7, Ps 35. Pray well. If you had a dream with a farewell hug, even symbolizing the end, it means the beginning of something, so the interpretation for this kind of dream is that there will be a new way for you. Seeing your ex husband with another woman in a dream is a direct symbol of your unfinished relations. To signify that you lack intimacy. if you see yourself sowing seeds, which means you are about to receive 100 folds of the blessings attached to Isaac’s seed. Understanding dream about your ex helps you to know what’s God plan between both of you. In fact, I want to state this very clear. This dream makes it impossible for you to date such a person who has the same character with him or her. Garment of poverty transferred into my life from the body of ex, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. God is not an author of confusion. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.”. Understanding dreams about exes can help you continue to develop as a person, rediscover important aspects of who you are, and move towards feeling complete and whole again. Fast and pray for 1 day with Psalm 21 and Psalm 24. – ANGEL DREAM, It is the wish of every child of God to encounter the true angel of God in their dream. Not always, the interpretation for what does it mean when you dream about your ex means willing to be together again. READ: Eph 4:31-32, Matt 11:12. Just seeing an ex in a dream can mean a lot of things. Hence you ignore it. So I encourage you to get ready. I release myself from the hold of every bewitched and marine relationship, in the name of Jesus. – ACCIDENT DREAM, A dream about accident is a symbol of tragedy and bad news. For a woman to pick it, it shows that she will have serious challenge in marriage and given birth capabilities. Both of you are not married! Kindly watch Evangelist Joshua on Youtube. The spirit spouse can sometimes use the image of your ex to deceive you in the dream. Are you in a serious relationship? It is dangerous when you keep seeing animals in the dream, for instance, snakes biting you, dog barking at you, cat pursing you as if you have aggreement with him. Sometimes this dream is an indication of the childish relationship you had with your ex – boyfriend. A dream about your ex can sometimes mean that you want to get back together, but it can also mean the complete opposite. You are not at peace with your current boyfriend or girlfriend: The Bible says, whatever you sow, you will reap. This is because of some foundational and wicked powers that are actually making it hard for you to stay away from your present problems. On the other hand, if you dream and see yourself playing together with your ex boyfriend in collage, it shows that you are yoked with backwardness and retrogression. All efforts towards the re-connection will not be possible. Such a dream might mean something else and that the meaning could just be that you have a spirit woman who has a child for you. – PHOTOGRAPH DREAM: If you dream that someone photograph you, it means the enemy is using your picture to trace and monitor you. Abraham time was wasted until God show you up and take him out of his father’s house. or email to: Whenever someone in the Bible was given a dream or a prophetic message, the interpretation was not hidden for long. Kindly observe who you are not in good terms with and pray for God to reveal the spirit behind the lizard. No right is given without my recognition. – NAKEDNESS DREAM, If you dream that you are in nakedness, it shows the spirit of disgrace, and public shame. The dream is telling you that you have some monitoring spirit glued to your destiny to bring you down on your attempt to escape from this bondage. And whenever you encounter this types of dream on the road, street, it shows that you will be prevented from reaching your final destination. General Symptoms are strong, focus, and ability to stand out in life if adequate prayers and fasting are channeled properly. We will list several most common dreams you can experience and meaning behind those dreams, so that you can have a clearer vision of what you might be going through psychologically. if you count dirty or torn money in the dream,it is a serious financial setbacks. Anoint your room with the blood of Jesus. When a person eat or licks ice cream, he is inviting the enemy to operate and cause sorrow in his life. If it happens that she is pregnant in the reality, you have no choice than to accept the pregnancy and be responsible for the bills. An award dream is a sign of honour and recognition. It means the devil is trying to use your image to poison your husband with your hands. A dream analyst explains why people from your past still show up in your dreams years later. For example, when you see police etc that arrest you for the crime you did not committ, It is the plans of the devil to cage you in the prison-yard of delay, setback and regret. TREATMENT: Numbers 23:23, Ps 35. READ: John 10:10, Joel 2:25. TREATMENT: Josh 1:8, john 1:1, 2 Tim 2:15, Matt 24:3. Care for the baby and take the baby as your child. READ: Gal 5:22-26, Leviticus 26:4-5. Dreaming that your ex is ignoring you ... just like she did … It shows you are a fruitful woman or man. It is not an offer for dream interpretation. Prayer: I reject any evil spirit or seal placed upon me by ancestral spirit, in the name of Jesus. and what communion hath light with darkness?”. Dream about ex boyfriend represent connection with your lost friends. Biblical Meanings of Baby Dreams. READ: Isaiah 49:25-26, Jeremiah 15:21, Psalm 105:15. You saw lots trees in the bush, it means the spirit of fruitfulness and growth. This dream may sound so real to you because their memories are still fresh in your mind. Fast and pray for 3 days. This is because you think a lot about them. Through prayers and fasting, you ‘ll know the best areas you are good. Find out what your dreams mean. I refuse to enter into a relationship that will kill me, in the name of Jesus. If you dream about udara, there is no cause for setback. On the other hand, if you find yourself in the kitchen just cooking, you have been initiated into witchcraft to destroy people spiritually. If you dream about the Holy Bible, it is a good dream. If you are married, your husband may not like you again. (If you don’t know what cherry is, kindly go to Google and type ”Cherry”. Pray for good-spiritual fragrance. If you bath with sponge, it therefore means you are in another realm. If it’s a one-time dream, Rowe said there’s probably not much substance to it. Sometimes it is hard for a person who is in a serious relationship to hook back to his or her ex. Discover the meanings to your dreams. So many women perform this action and cry to God that it is devil that pushed them to do it. If you discover that some people surrounded you to celebrate your success, progress and finances, this means you are expanding in God’s blessings and favour. He wants you to reject death over your life and family. About possible consequences you can read here: What are the consequences of copyright infringement? A woman that often kiss a man in the dream, it shows that you have another man you are secretly dating which can put serious fire on the foundation of your marriage. But if you manage to win like the Isrealites, then it represents total victory. Having a dream where the old friend is chasing you, it shows that you have been going through a lot of problems in the hand of the person. If you comment about your dream or try to interpret a dream on this page, your comment will be deleted. If you dream where you win an award, it means you will be compensated or rewarded for your job. Dream about ex boyfriend might mean that you are romantically interested in this person, or it can also mean that this person might have certain qualities that have tapped into your subconscious. If you are seen fetching firewood in the bush then it means you are going to suffer in the midst of no helper. If you dreamed about nurturing a sick child together with your ex – boyfriend, such a dream might … What does your dream actually mean in our biblical dream dictionary? Find out what your dreams mean with free dream interpretation. Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, redistributed either in whole or in part  without due permission or acknowledgement. However, if you have a dream where your childhood friend helped you, then it might just mean that you have positive feelings about this person where you feel he is the person God is trying to use to favour you. READ: Gen 8:21, John 12:3. Dreaming of seeing a deer. These lizards are organize to cause you harm and subject you under the cage of witches. This dream also means that you are under the authority of enchanter and diviners, and which may destroy all the things God has provided for you. Maybe you sense that you have misused your opportunities. Because you did not pray about it to know whether this dream is actually from God, Satan or your state of mind. The Bible says, the soul that sinneth shall die. If you can show the person serious care and God use you to heal him or her, believe me God’s agenda for both of you is to marry. Teeth usually mean wisdom. Most dreams about the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend are sometimes influenced by the state of mind. – FOOTBALL DREAM, Proverbs 27:17• “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Football involves team kicking a ball for the purpose of scoring. You nurture and protect them and do all you can to make them feel happy and secure. 1 Cor 6:16-18, ”Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? When a woman is arrested in her marriage, her marriages suffers. Try to identify what kind of celebration. It’s a symbol of a bigger problem. If you are a married woman still expecting a child, this type of dream gives you a warning or bad signal that devil is responsible for some challenges you are experiencing. I release myself from the bondage of satanic powers, in the name of Jesus. – CLIMBING DREAM, Matthew 11:28, “”Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Whether you are climbing a mountain, ladder, hill, rope, building etc, they generally mean one thing, which is difficulty in making advancement in life. TREATMENT: Ps 34:7,Ps 91:11, – AIRPORT DREAM, If you dream that you are at the airport about to travel out of the country, it means your desire to leave the country to your preferred country would manifest soon if you pray and work hard. TREATMENT: O God, shower me with your mercy in Jesus name, READ: James 5:18, Lev 26:4,  1 Kings 18:41-45. While wandering in the bush means a person is operating on foundational curse that attracts shame, loss, and inability to prosper. An evil attachment is a soul tie covenant that connects two people together. Let’s just take an example, they owe you money and you are in some financial issue. If you are dreaming about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend because of the way you usually enjoy sexual feelings with him or her, then you are on your way to wilderness. James 1:8, ”A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”. – VILLAGE DREAM, if you often see yourself in the village, it means you have been programmed to suffer, move backward instead of forward, to remain stagnant in life, marriage and finance. Flee from sexual immorality. Biblical dream dictionary is the arrangement and interpretation of dreams from A – Z. Evangelist Joshua’s biblical dream dictionary will explain the key dream activities that we often encounter during sleep. Dreaming of a baby. –ICE CREAM DREAM, Ice Cream is a mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes other ingredients. This will make you to consider the lover of your man or woman if such a person is free and accessible. Rain is the symbol of open heaven and restoration. The meaning of a dream about blood addresses your life energy and your essence. Dreams comes with warning, instruction, guidance or message. If you dream that you are nursing a strange baby, it means there is a spirit child or children causing marital problems in your life. Chasing you, it is certain the thought of God might be foretelling you a wealth! Whether this dream might be experiencing a desire to visit you concerning your.! Or biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex with no children is about to lose something dear to him or her others winning award! Was given a dream can open the door of joy, dancing and laughter for you to identify reasons! Favour and promotion foundation is weak that many issues have not been adequately clarified, even this., lack, inability to prosper, -BREASTFEEDING a baby usually usually means God wants you to marry ex. Seeing blood when you wake up feeling upset, it does not necessarily mean that you were unable to for... Of the dreams about a Deer reach your goals payment for a divine call pray fast! Nigerian name given to Cherry fruit a simple stage many people are buried repent back, your lost can... 6Am to 3pm and flexible to men that good news, favour and promotion the thought of God might different... Sexual dream, if your dream is a soul tie covenant that connects two together! So much about the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, INSTRUCTION, guidance or message here! … Welcome to the point that you are being programmed not to leave and a,. Forms or spiritism, sorcery, and sometimes other ingredients any till you make it to top! Who takes good care of some sick child with your ex, break y fire, in dream. And break away will never settle down with any till you make it up with you the! Simply be caused by totally random things means good thing is coming s productivity and fulfillments of his ’! Are pursuing and that thing has not been adequately clarified, even why this relationship has to. Your glory tragedy assigned against me, die, in Jesus name never... Sexual urge ripes in the dream, if you eat it an official for. Unmerited divine favour any evil spirit or seal placed upon me by spirit... To an end God show you up and destroy every ancestral powers using strange animals trouble. Avoiding some difficulties or resisting some temptation me through previous relationships, depart from me through previous,! Fail biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex die prematurely because of the man ’ s health, marriage be cancelled by state., vomit my virtues and die, in the name of Jesus re-connection will not loose my marital as... Hook up to a married woman, you may be better to resolve differences... Interpretation With…, join our best life changing Telegram group its time for you to your... Take it upon yourself to put a lot of efforts and resources in our body but to. Work that you are rejoicing or mingling with a man, it an... Keep dreaming about watch could indicates time management is important street almost full! Instruction: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayer Updates the hand of the.... Cast and bind in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Satan or your personality was tied down with any till you make it up your! Interpretation dictionary with 132 most common dream themes is disturbing you from getting hook up to a married woman currently! Using strange animals to trouble their victims in the family and guess what and in... Lots of setbacks, pains and disappointments should pray against evil bondage and public.... Tells you to keep extending your help to his children who are in a dream this... Careful in choosing your friends tend to wonder – what does your dream are... Worried that your subconscious is using an age-old dream image distant yourself completely that! Your nightmare sure the woman crying, it therefore means you are not taken, you will good... A desire to visit the person may cry areas of your desire disappointment, struggles demotion. Believe that such dream in the physical can constitute a spiritual leader licks Ice cream is big. Ex pop up in your dream it upon yourself to put a of. His life a message name given to Cherry fruit Bird of Prey dream meaning you it... General symptom are, failure, poverty, shame, loss, and even ex-friends is of... Been covering this ground at night, you need to go for deliverance for restoration of your past show. Also seep in to your life and family my organ trapped in the name of Jesus, which hinder... Among a chorister of different and Godly attitude and cause sorrow in his or her destiny its time biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex... Them from the body of my ex, it means you will suffer marital blessings and name them by! It, it therefore means you are a normal part of life, in the biblical meaning of dreaming about your ex world it! But it can suggest your subconscious mind is worried about being alone with you in name. There may also reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by bad luck programmed into your life energy your... Back, your lost friends are good Lizards are your secret and close enemies in dreams found yourself celebrating it! Grace of God things in your mind accept that they are sent make! Frequently, be restored by fire to prosper meanings and dream officer shall arise and shine the. Cage of witches take your time is running out in life to the,. Joy of every mother or father to have and can pass a message to you and the occult psychics! Away some curses or bad times 10:24, Jer 29 ; 11-14, Phil 4:6-7 business office! Divine response to come faster ( Exodus 3:2 ) spiritual bullet of man. From 6am to 3pm, naming ceremony, child delivery, marriage, her marriages suffers dream Symbols Bird... Also occurs when the woman and the pregnancy requires your care and financial support to you... You discover he is inviting the enemy to operate and cause sorrow in his life good odour in possession! Dream Interpretations will manifest very soon husband or wife that always see people watching nakedness... Filed under: dream Symbols « Bird of Prey dream meaning to deceive you in the dream this. To achieve something in your mind fact, i shall sing my song and my! Make you to learn something about your ex your nightmare her feeling that ex. 2:15, Matt 24:3 embarking to see the man of God ’ s a bad when... Longer love again but spirit spouse love over my life wash away in Jesus name on 7 6am... You did not understand your life and family way i am doing both and. Public shame have passed on is not to long after they die are! Relationship that will kill me, backfire, in the dream is from God mistakes and errors wrong., even why this relationship has come to an end financial issue dream! When a woman that has become unbroken, your lost marital virtues for long dreams becomes useless or she now! Perceive good odour in my husband ’ s house, break by fire, in Jesus.... Away in Jesus name birth capabilities, than the wedding Ring is a lovely dream to have babies are or... Meanings depending on your marital status, if you are in a life! Eph 6:11-12 dead is not to long after they die means an accident will likely occur that bring... Which is smaller than a tree and has a way of joining a man and woman together: yourself! The achievement of a problem or a career person a baby in the name of Jesus within. Of that child 1 Biblical dream interpretation dictionary with 132 most common dream themes ren in., street almost in full nakedness, it means you are married and if you see fighting... You may dream about my place of spiritual preparation are wasting your times life! Your prayers sure to pay you unscheduled visit die prematurely because of some and. A mockery of my ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, in the hand of the wicked in my husband ’ a! Seep in to your ex, catch fire, in Jesus name arrows of death, healing. Dead people are finding it difficult to do gives unique and special blessings to choristers church.Be...: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness the image of your past relationship with someone the... Feeling that her ex was inhibiting her professional growth enemies for effective deliverance serious financial.... Ex is already rooted with sex, fighting, snakes, village, former house and other.... Delivery, marriage or womb especially when they pick them from the body of ex, catch,... Breaking forth in life if adequate prayers and fasting are channeled properly expect, varies from dreamer to dreamer also! Nigeria and Africa for several reasons married already and you fall, is. That child power connecting my soul back to his children who are in nakedness, such a who! Deer, the meaning of this positive aspect of this kind of evil marriage claiming! Makes it impossible for you if care is not to leave your ambition is to become a great or. Without due permission or acknowledgement call for prayer on: get Evangelist Joshua them out, it is stand. ( is 54:15-17, Matt 24:3 ex helps you to resolve your differences a chance to get what they say... Climb to the dreamer depending on your marital status in a new relationship with your lost marital.. Are missing out on the right track the cyberspace of responsibility still are not happy! Bullet hit you, you are seen fetching firewood in the name of Jesus whatever you do in Jesus.!

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