Setting up WordPress Multisite on Debian 5.0 (lenny)

This post explains how to install WordPress 3.x on a Debian lenny and to set up a multisite installation on your Debian server. All the blogs will log into the same file /var/log/apache2/access.log; the first column will be the blog host and port (see the LogFormat configured below). This chapter is based on information collected … Read more


I’ve been programming Perl for a while now, but I’ve seen lot of people around me (even Perl enthusiasts) getting very excited about Python. In Newbay it’s used mainly for automated and performance tests, but some times also for some system engineering automation. I can understand them, Python seems to be a pretty cool language, very clear and … Read more

Considerations about Sun Solaris 10.

In NewBay I’m currently working on a project which uses Sun Solaris 10 in a multi-tier architecture. I’ve already used before this system in Italy, so it isn’t new for me; in Italy I was responsible for creating Sun packages for projects made by my ex company in behalf of Nokia and Vodafone Italy. By … Read more

Monitoring SSL certificate expiration with Nagios

Hi Lads, This is a post for nerds so I’m writing it in English. If you don’t understand English or technical stuff please close this page 😀 I’m at work and I’ve just finished to write a Nagios script to monitor expiration date of a SSL certificate. I wanna share it with you. To have … Read more